W London

W London

by admin |July 24, 2018

W London, Soho's most valuable hotel

This landmark hotel of more than 200 bedrooms provides a 5-star focal point to London’s Leicester Square. Sophisticated and quirky, glamorous and decadent, W London crystallises the quintessential dual personality of the British soul.  

Located on the most prominent corner of Leicester Square at the geographical and cultural intersection of London’s most vibrant districts: Soho, “Theatre Land”, Leicester Square and Chinatown, at the epicentre of the West End’s prime leisure and retail zone, the hotel – like the city itself – is a bold contrast of themes, colours, textures and characters. 


W London offers the deluxe London experience, allowing you to fully immerse in the heritage of this great and magnificent city.

W London has been designed to encompass the true, bold, personality of London, whilst redefining comfort at an entirely new level. There is plenty of space for business and leisure in this fabulous hotel, the decor beckons with sophistication and showcases a sleek and stylish design. 


Curved seats and opulent, quilted, upholstery, together with sofas and poufs covered in supple, bespoke printed, tattoo leather, compliment the character of this exquisite venue.

Surfaces are embellished with an array of marble, corain, brass, copper, oak and walnut, whilst a large neon union jack adorns the walls.  Ambience was honoured to contribute to this exclusive setting, furnished to the highest standards and with the closest attention to detail.

In cooperation with renown designer Concrete, Ambience produced a comprehensive collection of bespoke furniture pieces for the refurbishment of the lounge, bar and disco areas.

The designs were specifically crafted to complement the existing surroundings at the same time as bringing a new vibrant dimension to life.

The themed areas, differentiated by an undulating curtain of golden beads, each exude their own unique and distinctive character.

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